Soggy Dog Bed and Bath Combo


The Soggy Dog Portable Bath is the ideal way to keep your dog clean whilst at the same time keeping your house clean and dry.

Before a walk put a couple of washing up bowls of warm water and a bit of dog shampoo into it and on returning from your walk your dog can simply get into the now tepid bath.

Wash using a simple jug which means you can do this anywhere even if there is no outdoor tap or hose pipe.

Once the bathing has finished your dog just needs to jump out and shakedown and then you can either tip the bathwater away or just pull the drain plug.

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The Soggy Dog® Bed and Bath Combo is lightweight to make carrying easy.

A single tethering point allows you to keep your dog on its lead and in place.

Two white arched splash guards with magnetic strip provide gentle non-rigid protection for user and dog. (Panels no longer available)

The base has easy drainage and reduced slip surface.

It’s extremely weather-resistant and can be left outside in freezing frost and on the hottest of days.

Comfortable and roomy dog bed.

Important Information

Avoid corrosive substances such as bleach on the Soggy Dog ® bath.

For small to medium dogs ideally less than 30kgs.

Always remove the plug when not in use.

Dimensions 79 × 59 × 16 cm

Black, Blue, Brown, Red


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