How to Relax Your Dog During Bonfire Night

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Bonfire Night is steadily approaching and as much as we enjoy the bright lights and bonfires, our pets can be terrified of the fireworks set off all night long. The loud noises scare them, stressing them out, which can lead to destructive behaviour in the home. We want to prevent this not only to protect our couches and doors, but also to ensure that our pets are feeling happy and safe.

Read on for our top tips on how you can relax your dog during Bonfire Night and make sure that the fireworks don’t send them hiding under the couch.

Play Some Radio

In most cases, it’s the sound of the fireworks that drive our pets insane on Bonfire Night as the loud noises frighten them. Often, this leads to them whimpering or barking, as well as jumping up at the sound. Try to cover the sounds of fireworks as much as you can on Bonfire Night to de-stress your dog.

Play some radio in the room your dog is in or put the TV on loud. Try to keep the radio loud enough to make the fireworks seem like background noise, but quiet enough that it isn’t another nuisance for your pet. This could be an option for families who want to go out during Bonfire Night, but don’t want to come back and find their pet cowering in the corner. If your dog is extremely anxious, it may be worth asking a friend or neighbour to dog-sit while you are out.

Give Them a Bath

In the run-up to Bonfire Night, you want to try to relax your pet as much as possible as it might become impossible to do so during the fireworks. Baths for dogs can be quite stressful when they are enclosed in a slippery bathtub with loud noises. But, with our Soggy Dog Bed & Bath Combo, it can be a relaxing experience for them. It will also ensure that your dog feels comfortable in their own fur – matt, dirt and twig free!

The Soggy Dog Bed & Bath Combo allows you to bathe your pet outdoors where the smells of nature can calm them. All you need is access to water, whether that’s filling a jug with the water or using a hose. As the tub is made of a strong plastic, it is much sturdier for your pet and makes bath time more relaxing.

Give Them Puzzle Treats

You will want to keep your pet’s attention away from the fireworks as much as possible on Bonfire Night to prevent getting them from getting stressed and upset. All doggys love food, especially their naughty but tasty treats. While we try not to overfeed them during the rest of the year, times like Bonfire Night are the perfect time to treat them.

Give them some treats hidden in pet puzzle games to keep them focused on getting their food. With the scent of the treats in the air, they will soon lose focus on the world outside the window. We recommend the Kong treat toys which you can fill with fillings like smashed-up banana and freeze overnight. The next day, they can spend hours licking their treats inside the toy.

Just Be With Them

When we bring a dog into our home, we have to make some sacrifices. We might not be able to go on nights out easily, leave our dogs for an extended period or go on holiday without arranging their care. Bonfire Night can also become a sacrifice. Some dogs are tremendously affected by Bonfire Night because of the loud bangs of fireworks. You might think it is okay to leave them home alone with the radio on and some toys, and it might be if you live in an area where not many people set off fireworks. But, if your next-door neighbour is planning to set the sky alight all night long, then you should stay in and support your pooch.

Dogs are pack animals and above everything, they love human company. That’s why they’re known as man’s best friend. There’s nothing more soothing and relaxing than having them with you on bonfire night. Sit with them and spend the night tucked up on the couch or in bed with some snacks and autumn films like Hocus Pocus. Just because you can’t go out doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!

Check out our website today to learn more about our Soggy Dog Bed & Bath Combo and how it can enhance the bathing experience for your dog. We also have several other blogs with tips and advice on taking care of your pooch and ensuring that they have the best quality of life.

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