Tips on Bathing Tricky Dogs

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We might not all have that perfect pet who can jump in and out of the bath with no problems. Some might fear the tub, while others may just be cheeky chaps who want to cause a bit of mischief. But, we need to bathe our dogs regularly (about once a month) if we want them to have soft fur and perfect skin. If we don’t wash them, their fur can become matted and dirty, making our pets feel uncomfortable.

So, what are the best ways to get our pets under control and help them to enjoy bath time? As doggy experts, we have these top tips on what you need to do to make bath time a ritual they love rather than fear.

Take Them for a Long Walk First

The best way to calm your dog down before a bath is to take them on a walk. We take dogs on a walk in the evening before bed and in the morning before we leave for work to help calm them down and tire them out. Dogs love walks, so it’s the best thing to relieve them of any stress and help prepare them for their bath.

Take your dog on a walk, the length depending on the breed and size of the dog (larger dogs will need longer walks) and you can even let them get a little muddy as you’ll be bathing them anyway. This should get your pooch feeling a little tired, and less grumpy. This should help them to stay still while you’re scrubbing them down!

Feed Them Treats in the Bath

You want to associate the bath with a positive experience, not a negative one. So, try to make bath time an enjoyable time for them. All dogs love treats, and some might even have favourites. So, next time you pop your pooch in the tub, reward them with a treat for standing nice and still. Each time they do something you tell them to do correctly, give them another sliver of the treat. 

As you bathe them more over the coming months, reduce the number of treats, so they don’t expect loads every time they are washed.

Practice Putting Them in Without Water

If your dog is terrified of bath time and scratches and begs to run away, then you need to introduce them to the bath slowly. You can’t just chuck them waist-deep in water and expect them to be cool about it.

Try putting your dog in the empty bath first to get them used to bathing in an enclosed space. Alternatively, our Soggy Dog Bed & Bath Combo makes bath time easier by having an area for your dog to stand that isn’t small or intimidating. Once they are used to standing in the empty bath, you can gently start pouring water on them before scrubbing them down with the shampoo.

Place a Rubber Mat in the Tub

Sometimes, dogs can get nervous and jumpy during bath time because the tub is slippery and makes them feel unstable. Their poor little paws can’t grip onto anything, and they are slipping and sliding all over the place. This hikes up their stress and fear and makes them hate bath time.

Reduce the sliding by placing a rubber bath mat at the bottom of the tub before placing your pooch in. This helps them to feel more secure and stable and keeps them still during the washing process. Also, our Soggy Dog Bed & Bath Combo makes keeping your pet still even more straightforward, as it is made from a robust plastic that your pooch can’t slide on. You can even attach their leash to the side for extra security!

Check out our website today to learn more about our Soggy Dog Bath & Bed Combo and where you can purchase one from. We want all the perfect pooches to feel happy during bath time and reduce the stress they feel.

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