How to Make Your New Dog Feel Comfortable

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Do you have the house, the partner and even the kids, but something else just seems to still be missing from your family? Maybe it’s time to find a perfect pooch to bring some fun and laughter into the home.

So, now that you’ve adopted or bought a dog, you have to introduce it to your family and home so that it is eased in and made to feel comfortable. You want them to be relaxed in their environment so that they will become loving, loyal pets for years to come. But, how can you do this?

Read on for our top tips on how to make your new dog feel comfortable, ensuring that they are happy, healthy and the perfect match to your family. 

Have Something with Your Scent On for Them

When you bring a new dog home, the last thing you want is for them to be running around mad, scratching doors and tearing at skirting boards (that’s your kid’s job after all!). Or quite the opposite, you don’t want them to hide in a corner or under furniture because they are panicking. So, to make them feel relaxed in your home initially, we recommend that you introduce them to your scent before you even bring them back to the house. 

When you rehome a dog, more often than not, the shelter or breeder will want you to visit the dog a fair few times before you take them home. This is so that the dog can get used to being around you and it can learn to recognise your scent. Scent is important to dogs; they have a ridiculously powerful sense of smell, so when you introduce your dog into your home, have something with your scent waiting for them – this will automatically put them at ease because they will recognise your scent.

For example, on their bed, have an old sweater or jumper that you wore the previous day laid across it. This will draw them there and make them feel more comfortable. Also, with your scent covering their bed, they will feel more relaxed when sleeping there for the first few weeks and not feel so confused or wary in your home.

Be Organised

Your dog is in the back of the car with the kids, you’re heading home and everything is bliss. Until you slam on the brakes and realise you have nothing. You aren’t prepared, there’s no bed, no food and no bowls for your new companion. How are you meant to look after a dog without all of the necessities? With your new family member finally coming home, you want everything to be perfect and for you to relax as you embrace this new chapter of your life. But instead, you’re in a panic because all that you have is some leftover ham in the fridge. 

To avoid this, make a list before you bring your dog home of all the things that you’ll need to buy. There are the basics such as a bed, dog shampoo, blankets, toys, leads, and food, but there are also other things that you may not have thought of like a doggy camera to keep an eye on them when you are out of the house. If you are rehoming a dog, they might have some medical conditions that the shelter may have disclosed to you, so you might have to buy certain things for that, too; e.g. medication or creams. 

Don’t Have Conflicting Rules

Just like kids, our dogs need rules setting around the house so that they know how to behave. But, it’s not as easy as giving them a list of the do’s and don’ts – instead, you need to train your dog to follow your commands. This can be easy if you dedicate time and energy into doing it properly. But, if you, your partner or other family members have conflicting rules, your training will be a huge waste of time because your pooch will only be confused. 

For example, something people tend to argue over is whether the dog is allowed on the couch and bed. While you might find this acceptable, your partner may not like the idea of this and will consistently shout at them to get down, whereas when you’re alone, you may be all for your dog enjoying a little luxury. So, you need to have a conversation with everyone before bringing your new dog home and decide what rules you will all set and stand by. With everyone on the same page, it will be easier to train the dog and it will confuse them less.

Make Bath Time Less Stressful

Dogs want to love everything about their new home; from the blankets on the sofa to their own cosy bed and their bowl that gets filled up twice a day. But, something not every dog will take a liking to is the bath. Dogs need to be bathed at least once a month or more if they have health conditions, or if they are adventurous and love playing in muck and dirt. So, you will have to ensure that they get used to being bathed quite early on.

The bathroom can be an intimidating room for a dog. They may slip and slide in the bath, hate getting wet or be afraid of all the noises that echo off the tiles. It can make bath time a scary experience for them and cause them to feel uncomfortable and wary every time you take them in there. Give your dog no reason to be stressed over bath time by washing them outside in our Soggy Dog Bed & Bath Combo. As an easily-portable bath, it can be moved anywhere you want it to be – whether that’s the utility room or front garden. This makes bath time easier for you and your dog, and it allows them to feel comfortable being in areas that they are already used to. 

Help your new dog settle into your home the right way by following the simple tips and advice above. Check out our website if you want to learn more about our business and where you can purchase a Soggy Dog Bed & Bath Combo.

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