Top 5 Tips to Make Your Dog Happier

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When we adopt or buy a dog, we are welcoming a furry friend to the family. From this moment onwards, we have to make sure that they are happy and healthy. Just like you would for one of your kids, you have to look after their mental and physical well being. As they say, ‘a dog isn’t just for Christmas’, and you need to be dedicated to caring for it for the rest of its life. So, how can you guarantee that you are doing your best for your pooch’s happiness? Read on for our top five tips on what you can do to ensure that your dog’s happiness, health and good behaviour is always prioritised.

Dedicate Play Time

If you want your dog to be happier then you need to ensure that you dedicate playtime for them each day. Playtime helps you to develop a bond with your dog and it is essential for using up their energy so that they have a long, deep sleep in the evening. If you don’t play with your dog, they will be restless and still very energised; meaning they could take their energy out on tearing up your sofa or carpet instead! They might also nag you to play which can be interpreted as begging or bad behaviour.

So, it’s time to buckle up your strength and play tug-of-war with them! Alternatively, have a run around with them in the back garden on sunny days to tire them out instead. Dogs will trust and appreciate you more if you take the time out to play with them.

Make Their Environment Comfortable

When we go to bed or watch TV, we want to be snuggled up in a blanket and relax. Well, it’s the same for our little pooches! Every dog enjoys a little luxury, so having somewhere welcoming and comfortable for them to rest is imperative. If they are not given somewhere to rest other than the floor, this could result in them being uncomfortable or in a worst-case scenario, with serious joint problems. 

We don’t mean share your bed – we simply recommend that you buy your dog their own bed which suits their size, breed and is extra comfy. They should become accustomed to this bed over time and not need prompting to sleep in it, making it perfect for taking away with you on trips for a sense of familiarity for them. Don’t forget, our Soggy Dog Bed and Bath Combo is a great option – it can be made into a cosy haven with just a few blankets! 

Similarly, use a couple of blankets that they can lounge on when on the couch or by your feet on the carpet when you are watching TV. This will result in them feeling relaxed and happy. 

Getting Enough Exercise

If you want your dog to be happy and healthy then you need to ensure that they are getting enough exercise. Not walking your dog can lead to them having weight issues which can even lead them to arthritis; this doesn’t make for a happy household pooch. Dedicate time each day to walking your dog – read up online how much walking is needed for their specific breed. Bigger dogs such as Huskies are going to need more daily walks than a smaller breed.

Walking them in the evening is also the perfect opportunity for you to get their energy out before bed, giving them a better rest when they return home.

Feed Them Properly

Just how we have to sacrifice the tasty fast food for a healthy diet, you need to watch what your dog eats, too. You can’t feed them on treats and scraps consistently; they need to follow their own specific diet for their breed. This usually consists of dry and wet dog food to give them energy and nutrients. If you do not feed them food of a good standard or for the right size of dog they are then this could affect their health greatly. Dog food can vary for dogs based on their size and breed, so do your research to see what is best suited to your pooch.

You can speak to your vet or search on Google to find out what food you should feed your dog and how many times a day. Some dogs can be very picky when it comes to their food – for example, they dislike wet or dry food or a particular brand, so you need to be open to trying out different ones until you find something your dog likes. However, always ensure that you wean your dog off one type of food if you have been giving them it for a long space of time before switching to another.

Use a Soggy Dog Bath

Unfortunately, our doggies can get muddy from running through puddles and dirt on adventurous walks. So, we need to wash our dogs every now and then to keep them clean and to promote healthy skin and fur. But, it comes as no surprise that some dogs hate bath time. Without proper support, their paws can slide across your bathtub as you try to wash them. As noise often echoes in the bathroom, it can also be an uncomfortable environment for them.

The Soggy Dog Bath & Bed Combo is the perfect solution to bathing your dogs without having to stress them out or get your entire bathroom wet and muddy. Keep them happy by washing their paws straight after their walks outside in our easy-to-use dog bath. The tub is made out of plastic, making it lightweight and easy to store and transport, and it’ll also make it easier for your dog to stand up comfortably inside it. 

By following the simple advice above, you’ll be sure to have a happy and healthy doggy on your hands! If you want to learn more about the Soggy Dog Bed & Bath Combo and where you can buy one, check out our website today.

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