Reasons Not to Wash Your Dog in a Bath

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As humans, we wash in our baths and it’s amazing, so why wouldn’t our dogs do the same when it’s time for a quick clean? Bathing your dog in your regular bathtub can be the wrong decision. When your tub is wet and slippery, your dog could hurt itself, and their nails and the dirt from their fur could scratch and mark your bath – permanently. Even the mud they have dragged up to the bathroom can wreak havoc and create destruction in your perfectly clean room.

So what should you do? The Soggy Dog Bed & Bath Combo is the solution, letting you wash your dog indoors or outdoors safely, keeping dirt contained and the experience stress-free. Read on for more reasons why you shouldn’t soak your dog in a standard bath and why our helpful product could be the answer to your problems.

Slippery Surfaces

If you wash your dog in your standard bath, you put them at risk of getting hurt. When your tub is wet, it becomes slippery, and your dog’s paws can slip and slide. It is especially dangerous for older dogs or puppies who just want to jump around and play. As a result, they could hurt their delicate joints or fall hard in the bath and bruise themselves.

Sometimes even with the right bath mats, your dog can jump up and slip on the side of the bath. It’s better to bathe your dog in something made from plastic with an anti-slip base, like the Soggy Dog Bed & Bath Combo, so it stays safe when wet and they can stand more sturdily, which also makes it easier to wash them as well.

Messy Bathroom

If you bathe your dog in your regular bath, you open yourself up to a world of mess. Not only can they shake their fur and splatter mud, but their paws can scratch the base of the bathtub and let their grime sink into the grooves, making your bath look dirty all the time. 

It can make it impossible to get your bathroom looking clean afterwards, and if you regularly take your dog on muddy walks, this can become a serious issue. With hardy plastic baths with built-in grit locking technology, like our Soggy Dog Bath & Bed Combo, it is much quicker and easier to clean your pet, and you won’t end up damaging your property.

Stresses Out Your Dog

You might not realise this, but sometimes, washing your dog in your bath can stress them out. The echoing noise of the rushing water in the room, the confinement of the tub, the unfamiliarity of the room and the slippery surfaces can all cause them to feel uncomfortable. Bath time can already be a stressful occasion for a dog who hates water, making them want to run and hide under the sofa. But, with the added stress of the environment they are in, it can be too overwhelming and leave them in a slump for the rest of the day. So how can we make it a more enjoyable experience for them?

Soggy Dog Bath and Bed

Our Soggy Dog Bath & Bed Combo is the perfect solution for dog owners who don’t want the stress or mess of bathing their dog in a regular bath. As it is made out of heavy-duty plastic, it is less slippery when wet than your tub, making it safer for your dog to stand in. This also means it is easier to wash your pooch as they aren’t sliding across the whole bath.

Also as the bath is portable, it means that you can bathe your dog wherever you want. You can simply take it outside and clean your pet with soap and a hose, saving your house and bathroom from the dirt and grime. Plus when you bathe your dog outside, they may feel less stressed as they are in an open environment that they like.

Our Soggy Dog Bath & Bed Combo is the perfect, long-lasting alternative for dog owners who want to save their bathroom from destruction. If you are interested in learning more about our product and where you can purchase one, then check out our website today.

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