How to Travel With Dogs

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We all love summer as it means sunshine, holidays and beer gardens. But often, we have to leave our precious pets behind because we didn’t plan ahead or we don’t know how we can bring them along. However, it’s easier than you think to travel with your dog and have a fun time together this summer.

Read on for our top tips and advice on how to travel with your dog, making sure that there’s no disasters or stress for you or your four-legged friend.

Doggy Passports

If you plan on leaving the UK for your summer holiday this year and don’t want to leave your beloved pooch behind, then they will need a doggy passport. Pet passports list the various treatments your pet has had and can be obtained from certain vets.

When you get your pet passport, you will need to take your dog, its identity and vaccination record and any rabies blood test results if you have them. The passport will only be valid if you meet the entry requirements, and then you are free to travel the world with your dog!

UK Breaks Are Easier

While you might want to jet off to Majorca with your dog this summer, it’s probably not the easiest option. Obtaining passports, finding pet-friendly accommodation and the issue of flying can be tough on them and you, mentally and physically. So, instead consider taking a UK break this summer and still have an amazing, relaxing time with your furry family.

By having a holiday in the UK, you won’t need to spend lots of money on injections and such for your dog. They are also used to the weather and temperature over here, so most likely won’t feel uncomfortable or overheat as they may do if you were abroad. 

Research in Advance

If you want your holiday with your pooch to go smoothly this year, then you need to make sure that you do plenty of research in advance. Rather than just showing up to a hotel or campsite assuming that they will allow dogs, check on their website or call in advance to book as they may not have any dog-friendly space available, and you could be turned away despite paying for your stay. It is also worth keeping in mind that some places might allow dogs but request an additional fee or deposit.

Once your accommodation is sorted, you need to look for restaurants that will allow you to bring your dog otherwise you might end up eating shop bought sandwiches and takeaways for the whole week. It is also worth checking out the local entertainment. There are plenty of places from parks and beaches to theme parks and pubs that are dog-friendly around the UK, and creating a list of these before you go can help you to plan your daily activities to ensure you have a fun-filled time.

Make Regular Stops

When you are travelling to your holiday destination, you need to make sure that your pet is safe and happy. Some dogs can hate being in cars because of the noise and the movement. Creating a positive environment for them, where they can be calm and relaxed is vital. Maybe bring their favourite bed or blanket to put in your car boot or on the backseat, so they feel safe and have something familiar around them. Try playing music or the radio to drown out the sounds of the car and help them to relax and hopefully even fall asleep for the rest of the journey. If you don’t plan ahead and come up with ways to keep your dog calm and comfortable, then travelling with your pet can become a horrible experience for you both.

Remember to Pack a Bath

A lot of UK breaks with dogs might end up with days at soggy beaches or with lots of muddy walks that leave your pet drenched in dirt. You need to remember to pack a bath for your dog otherwise you might be left with a bucket and cloth trying- and failing- to clean their fur as best as possible outside the hotel or tent. 

The Soggy Dog Bath and Bed Combo is perfect for getaways with your pet as it is easily portable and can be used as a carry box for your dog’s things when travelling, and they can even sleep in it when you reach your destination. When it’s time for a bath, its plastic design makes it sturdy and comfortable for your dog to stand in. You can even attach your dog’s leash to make sure that they don’t try to run away. As a portable bath, you can use it outside, away from cars, bathrooms, tents and hotels that otherwise might get covered in grime.

The Soggy Dog Bed & Bath Combo is a holiday essential this summer for your pet. If you want to learn more about the bath and where you can purchase one, then check out our website today.

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