Five Best Dog Grooming Tips from Experts

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Some people love it, and some people hate it, but we have to groom our dogs if we want them to be happy and healthy and looking good. Grooming not only keeps their fur nice and clean, but it also makes the dog’s themselves feel more comfortable. And as pet lovers, all we want is for our pets to feel relaxed and content in their daily life.

So what are the best ways to look after our dogs to ensure that they are happy in their own fur? Read on for the five best dog grooming tips from experts that you can use on your pets.

Regularly Brush Your Dog

Tip number one comes from ASPCA, who advise that you regularly brush your dog. Not only does this make them look neat and clean, but brushing can keep your pet’s hair in excellent condition. It removes dirt and debris while spreading the natural oils created on their skin through their coat, which prevents tangles and keeps the skin irritant-free.

ASPCA also note how grooming is a great time to check your dog over for fleas, cuts and dirt that you might otherwise not see. Not only do you keep your dog’s coat nice and shiny, but you may notice problems that require further treatment.

Don’t Overdo Baths For Your Dog

Next, the RSPCA says that you should only bathe your dog when necessary, or it could lead to skin problems. How often you should wash your dog varies from dog to dog and their particular needs and lifestyle, but often it is around once a month. Of course, if your dog gets muddy from a walk, then bathe them, but if they remain particularly clean for the month, try to avoid over washing them. 

Overwashing strips the skin of the natural oils it produces and causes the skin to dry out, which can lead to irritation. Dogs with pre-existing skin issues may require a different bathing schedule, which your local vet can advise you on.

With the Soggy Dog Bath & Bed Combo you can find a brilliant solution to keeping your puppy clean without having a detrimental effect on their skin and coat. If you use the Soggy Dog for regular paw and belly washes after walks you can put off having to give them intensive full-body washes. When used regularly it can keep them smelling and feeling better for longer.

Look After Their Paws

Grooming doesn’t just mean baths and brushes but also looking after your pet’s paws too. The RSPCA emphasise the importance of monitoring your dog for any limping to see whether or not their nails and paws need some attention. Check their feet and footpads regularly to ensure that there are no wounds or infections, so your dog remains healthy and happy.

Some dogs can have excess hair between their footpads that can become matted or catch grass and seeds. This can irritate them and cause them to bite or scratch at their paws. Although the hair naturally grows here, it is best to remove any extra hair or debris with care or with the help of a professional groomer to make sure that your pet isn’t feeling any pain or discomfort.

Keep On Top of Their Dental Hygiene

Dogs are just like us, they need to keep on top of their dental hygiene – or well, we need to do it for them! If you don’t take care of your dog’s teeth, they can get terribly bad breath that makes you want to push them away rather than play with them. Expert Susan Hamil explains how your dogs need to be comfortable with you handling them and lifting their lips to massage the gums and clean their teeth. You can use a finger or toothbrush with soft, rubber bristles to clean the teeth and gum line. Dogs can get all of the same dental issues that humans have, so it’s advisable to keep on top of cleaning them, though not as regularly as we clean ours.

Always Be Observant During Grooming

West Highland White Terrier Expert Vanessa Skou gives us our final grooming tip: always be observant during grooming. Rather than just casually brushing your dog in front of the TV and paying no attention, keep an eye on them and look for anything unusual. Do they have an abnormal growth? Is one area more sensitive than others? Are they in pain? By being wary and paying attention when grooming, you can catch any issues they have before it’s too late and get them checked out by a vet.

Make grooming and cleaning your dog much easier with our Soggy Dog Bath and Bed Combo. Not only can you attach their leash to keep them still during their bath, but you can transport it easily in or out of the house for your convenience. Contact us today for more information or take a look at our website.

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