Easy Ways to Bathe Your Dog

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Whether it’s a small sausage dog or a saint bernard that you are trying to wrangle into the bathtub, bathing a dog is rarely easy! They can splatter dirt on your walls and carpets, damage your bath and block your drains. It’s not as simple as putting them in the tub and scrubbing them clean, as we have to wash up after them too!

So how can we make this easier? By upgrading to a Soggy Dog Bath & Bed Combo, you can clean your dog anywhere, inside or outside the house, and prevent dirt and mud from getting all over your wallpaper and floors. It’s easier to control your dog in the Soggy Dog while you scrub them as there is even a secure tethering point were you can attach their lead, and it is super easy to clean afterwards! Read on for our tips on the easiest ways to bathe your dog and learn more about the Soggy Dog Bath & Bed Combo.

Don’t Use the Stairs

After a messy walk, many people dread hauling their dog to the bathroom and washing them down. They wriggle when you carry them, leave muddy footprints everywhere when they walk, and there’s usually a pesky set of stairs in your way that makes the job extra difficult. Whether your dog is small or large, they can still make a mess as they shake and drip mud on your stairs and walls as you rush upstairs or all over your clothes when you carry them.

Avoid this by using a Soggy Dog Bath & Bed Combo which can be used anywhere in the house like on a back porch or in a laundry room. Wherever there is space easily accessible to you and your dog, you can place the Soggy Dog bath and avoid having to run up the stairs after a long walk. This keeps all the mud in one place – inside the bath – and makes it easier for you to clean up once you’re finished.

Abandon the Bathroom

Washing your dog can be deadly to our baths. Unfortunately, as much as we love our pooches, they can cause havoc in our bathrooms. Not every dog is well behaved when half-submerged in water and some shake and splash dirty water and grit all over our bathtubs, walls and floors. As if this wasn’t filthy enough, the sand and grit that dogs pick up from walks can also scratch the surface of the bathtub, making it look dirty even after you have cleaned up. It can even be impossible to repair!

To avoid this unsightly mess, it’s best to wash your dog in something that’s not costly and easily scratched like our baths. The Soggy Dog bath is made of hard wearing plastic and has a slip-resistant, grit-catching base. It is the perfect alternative and can be so much quicker to clean as you simply remove the plug or tip out the water. 

Keep Your Dog Still

Not all dogs are water lovers, so it’s no surprise to see them jumping and splashing about when we try to bathe them. Even the ones who love to roll in the water can cause a big mess and make it ten times harder for you to lather on the shampoo. So the best way to get your dog quickly in and out of the bath is to make sure that they stay still for as long as possible. So how can we do this? It can be quite hard to control your dog in the bath as you have nowhere to tie their leash and you can’t hold them as one hand is using shampoo and the other might have a showerhead in it. 

Here is where the Soggy Dog bath is your saviour. You can attach your dog’s leash to the tub and make bath time so much easier. Well-behaved dogs will understand it’s time to relax and sit still, and even the rowdier ones can’t escape as the leash makes them stay in the bath. This means no more wet dogs jumping all over the bathroom and getting all your hallway carpets wet.

The Soggy Dog bath is the perfect solution for any pet owner who has trouble bathing their dogs without making a huge mess or stressing out their four-legged friend. If you want to learn more about our product and where you can buy it, check out our website today.

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