How Often Should You Wash Your Dog

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We all love our dogs (sometimes more than we love other people!), but they can get dirty, smelly and create total havoc in our houses when it’s bath time. Some dogs like to shake mud all over the house while others will bury themselves and their dirty, matted fur under furniture, which is a nightmare to clean! Even worse, sometimes we don’t know how often we should be washing our dogs, and they can go from smelling heavenly to needing a hazard sign attached to their collar in days! 

Priding ourselves as dog experts – especially in terms of washing – we have compiled this blog to help you understand how often you should be bathing your dog to keep them looking pawsitively perfect. If you want a gorgeous smelling and looking dog all of the time, you need to be adequately informed – so read on!

Dirty Dogs Equal Disaster

Dogs get dirty whether that’s from regular walks or just playing in the house or garden. If you don’t keep on top of cleaning them, you can find muddy paw prints all over your wooden floors, wet grimy hairs on your sofa and dirt smudged on your walls. This can be a disaster to clean, especially if you are trying to wrangle your dog into a bath at the same time.

Can’t I just rub them down with a towel when they get wet? Without a bath your four-legged companion can still transfer grit and dirt to your house, plus they will start to smell, making you gag every time your dog gets within a one-meter radius of you. Dogs can also get matted and tangled hair, making them appear filthy and unkempt, and it can also be very uncomfortable for your furry pet.

How Often Should You Bathe Dogs?

So how often should we be bathing our dogs? Through our extensive research, we have found that at a minimum, it is best to wash your dog at least once every other month. Any less and your dog can become uncomfortably dirty and smelly. And remember – this is without taking into consideration any walks that could leave them muddy. If your dog comes back from a walk caked in dirt or stinking of the local pond, then a bath is recommended immediately to keep both your house and dog clean. A great way to keep your dog looking adorable and feeling comfortable after standard walks is by cleaning their stomach and paws with some warm water.

You need to make sure that you don’t over-wash your dog. Dogs need natural oils produced by the skin to promote their hair growth, and too much bathing can cause irritation and dryness, which can be uncomfortable for the poor pooch. If you want to do a complete all-over wash for your dog more than once a week, then use plain water or a soap-free, moisturizing shampoo to prevent the skin from becoming too dry. The great thing about regularly paws and belly washes is that you won’t dry out your puppy’s paws and you can help them to stay looking clean in between proper baths.

How should I wash my dog?

Our Soggy Dog Bed and Bath is the solution you need to keep smelly, dirty dogs clean! It is a portable bath that makes washing your dogs so much easier. We aren’t all weight lifters, so hauling a dog up the stairs can be a tremendous feat for some of us. Even if you have a small dog, mud and dirt can splatter on your clothes and the floor as you rush to get your dog to the bathroom. By being able to move the bath anywhere you want it, outside or inside, you can clean your dog while keeping your home clean and dry too. Plus we find that our pups hate being in full-size bathes (we think it may be due to it being very white and clinical like the dreaded vets) but they enjoy the Soggy Dog bath as they can stay outside in a familiar environment.

For the best experience for your dog, put some hot water and dog shampoo into the bath before a walk, so when you return it is the perfect warm temperature. Once you’ve scrubbed your dog clean and bathed them using a simple jug or a hose, all that’s left is for you to pull out the plug, wait for it to drain and then towel dry them! If your dog loves to run away as soon as you reach for the towel, we even have a place for you to attach their lead so that you don’t have to chase them around the garden trying to dry them off. It really couldn’t be more simple.

At Soggy Dog we love our furry pets so much and want to give them the very best bathing experience and save you, the owners, from having to wrangle your pets into the water. Save yourself from washing your home as well as your pet and purchase a Soggy Dog Bed and Bath from Pets at Home now! For more information, check out our website.

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